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Company Number: 8075723

Mailing Address
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU
United Kingdom

Pronect Technology LTD

Payment Processing Company

10000 Zagreb

The Team

Here at KnownSRV we have a dedicated team of people that are here to make your experience go as smooth as possible. We are a friendly, accessible group of support professionals and business developers focused on the continued financial success of our company while adding value to the services we provide.

We value every single one of our customers. Without customers we wouldn't have a successful business like we do today, which is why we provide our full dedication and focus towards our customers, to ensure that they are taken care of and are given the best service possible.

Send some ideas our way

We are committed to providing a high standard of service. If you have any ideas that we could implement or provide please let us know so we can make future improvements.

Our rewards for doing awesome job

KnownSRV LTD Hosting was awarded this badge for its excellent service HostAdvice Great Uptime Award for KnownSRV

Our Datacenters and Networks

We utilize only best datacenters available. All of our datacenters have highest quality classification possible in given country.

Databarn, Netherlands

Ping & Trace Route:
Speed Test Files: 100MB

LuxConnect, Luxemburg

Ping & Trace Route:
Speed Test Files: 500MB

Voxility, Romania

Ping & Trace Route:
Speed Test Files: 10GB